Broadcasting, single channel video installation, 1:50 min video on loop, Downingtown, PA, 2015.
For Broadcasting, Christie installed a vinyl screen into the windows of her family's town house in Chester County, PA. She then projected an abstract video through those windows. The video, meant to be viewed from the outside, was visible to cars and neighbors.

Video installed inside town house.

Water Table, single channel video installation, 1:04 min video on loop, Hibernia Park, PA, 2013.
For Water Table, Christie installed an iPod inside of a grass cone. The cone's base was constructed out of paper mache and grass. The video could only be viewed through a magnifying glass at the top of the cone. The viewer would have to bend down over the cone in order to watch the video.

Video installed inside cone.

Sightseeing, single channel video installation, 4:01 min video on loop, Baltimore, MD, 2011.
For Sightseeing, Christie stretched a vinyl screen into two separate parts. She then combined the equally measured parts into the corner of the Brown building in Baltimore, MD. A video was then projected onto those screens. The video was visible to the outside viewers in Cohen Plaza.

Video installed inside Brown building.